Frequently Asked Questions

BDO is the auditor of the fund and is ranking No. 5 behind the Big 4 audit firms worldwide. BDO is well-known in fund audit. Please see the link to BDO’s homepage:

Investors can pay their share in cash (currency of the respective share class) or in kind (BTC for example) – or any other currency set-out in the relevant share classes. The regulatory framework of the fund is German fund legislation (supervised by BaFin). Investors can be cashed-out after redemption of their fund share in cash (currency of the respective share class) or in kind (BTC for example). By way of example you can invest in BTC and be paid out in USD.

Logos charges an administration fee between 1.2% and 1.92% depending on the size of investment which covers base costs of the fund administration.  The fund management will also charge a performance related fee from 9% to 21% which aims to incentivise the fund management to optimize the fund’s performance. Investment surcharge and redemption surcharge are charged in accordance with market practice.

Logos Fund is regulated by the German Banking Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The fund is audited by globally acting accounting firm BDO ranking top 5 behind KPMG. BDO senior partners with long track record in the fund industry will personally look after fund auditing of Logos Fund.


Logos provides state of the art fund reporting in accordance with European and German fund regulation and, upon request for specific investors needs such as Solvency reporting for insurances. All information will be made available on the Logos website. Audited accounts will also be published in accordance with applicable German law and made available to investors.

Hardware depreciation and re-cycling is catered for in the relevant contracts with mining providers in order to ensure that at all times Logos will benefit from the latest generation and most efficient miners.

An investment board consisting of market experts will advise fund management as to the best opportunities. Fundmanagers will decide on that basis in the best interest of investors and allocate funds, accordingly.

Competition only offers BTC long structures which are currently overpriced and completely exposed to swings in the underlying. The managed combination of mining and long structure offers an optimized risk diversified investment into cryptocurrencies.

The strategy is a diversificationof BTC/ETH long and mining of the relevant cryptocurrencies. Whilst the longstrategy provides for short term upside and downside risk the mining investmentensures solid bottom line growth on a longer term.

The max loss is the total investment as in any other fund. Risk diversification aims at minimising this risk as opposed to a direct investment.

One one hand the historical performance of BTC/ETH and on the other hand the given/sample performance of aDiamond Contract of GM – see charts onLogos homepage.

Logos invests into a diversified mixture between BTC/ETH or other cryptocurrencies and the mining of such cryptocurrencies. Historical performance ranges between 15% and 120% of each individual investment. The risk diversification aims at minimising market swings.

Any investment in the Logos Fund is managed by a team of professionals fund that evaluates the opportunities under the fund’s strategy on an ongoing basis. The fund management builds on the skills and the knowledge of more than 20 years of industry experience of its executive staff. Logos Fund allows its investors to pool the money with other investors and leave the specific investment decisions to a single portfolio management team. This team decides at any time where to invest, hold or deinvest the money held by the fund into mining capacities of different cryptocurrencies or in units of cryptocurrencies, and when to buy and to re­allocate the investments. Scale effects of large scale investments into mining or trading increase the profitability of the fund as opposed to a direct investment.