Risks and Mitigants you should consider when investing in Logos Fund

Market Risk

An investment into cryptocurrencies may subject to volatility of cryptocurreny markets


The investment in mining of Bitcoin by Logos Fund smoothens volatility of Bitcoin market swings by creating an asymetric risk profile

Counterparty Risk

Investors are exposed to the default risk of e.g. mining providers and exchanges on which cryptocurrencies are traded


The contracts between the fund an mining providers provide for security over the asset generating inventory. Cryptocurrencies units that are not used for trading are kept in cold wallets with a German Notary Public.

Default Risk

An investment into Logos Fund can be subject to the complete default of the investment both in mining and in cryptocurrencies


The diversified investment approach aims at minimising the risk of a total loss

Opportunities of an Investment in Logos Fund

Rise of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (Mining) Market

Historical growth of Bitcoin/Ether and robust revenues from mining of these cryptocurrencies give a promising outlook to the future development of the Logos Fund

Risk Diversification

Risk diversified investment approach and physical on-site mining – no cloud mining!

Framework Made in Germany

German Banking Authority supervised fund management, audited by BDO and lean cost structure.