The Fund is set-up as a German open-end Special-Alternative Investment Fund in the form of a limited partnership („offene Investmentkommanditgesellschaft„) dedicated to investing into a range of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency-related investment opportunities.

It’s aim is to make the growth of Bitcoin & other Blockchain based currencies accessible to professional or well informed (semiprofessional) investors. The Logos Fund as the worlds’ first Blockchain mining fund is the result of a long term development of sustainable mining, technical development of the mining infrastructure, long term contracts with suppliers and the building of a strong network within the cryptocurrency industry.


The Logos Fund’s strategy is to invest into the mining of blockchain based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well as into such currencies directly, benefitting from different markets and pricing as part of its strategy to achieve optimal results for investors.Evaluating chart-analyses, market indicators for cryptocurrencies and current price indicators of cryptocurrency mining allow, at any time, to utilise market swings of all investment opportunities under the strategy of the fund. This offers opportunities even in phases of declining cryptocurrency markets.


Logos Fund is managed by professionals that are experienced in the field of blockchain technology/cryptocurrencies as well as in the asset management and asset securitisation industry. An independent investment committee provides investment recommendations and the team decides at any time where to invest, hold or de-invest the money held by the fund into mining capacities of different cryptocurrencies or in units of cryptocurrencies, and when to buy and to re-allocate the investments.


Investor’s in Logos Fund benefit from its diversification and large scale investment as opposed to an individual investment into any of the underlying cryptocurrencies or mining capacities. Logos Fund offers the opportunity to easily and automatically have capital gains and dividends reinvested into the fund without a sales load or extra fees – forward looking planning and an adequate liquidity reserve aim at making investments sufficiently flexible. In line with regulatory requirements Logos Fund’s reporting provides the highest level of transparency.



„Bitcoin opens up an entire world of oppor-tunities. We are just now starting to realize how impactful this will be.“
Marco Streng, Founder of the Logos Fund