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5 Reasons Why to Invest with Logos

Certified and Audited

Traditional and Regulated Vehicle

The fund is a traditional investment vehicle but invests in a novel asset class of digital currency and technology. Logos is registered as a special-AIF with the German Financial Authority BaFin and audited by BDO.

Investment in Next-Generation Technology

Blockchain Technologies and High-Performance Computing

High-Performing Data Centres offer further business-cases other than crypto-mining, e.g. computation services for rendering of CGI, training of neural networks for AI (“deep learning”), and cloud gaming (cloud video &  file streaming).

Ideal Diversifier for Investment Portfolios

Low Correlation with Traditional Assets

Bitcoin shows low correlation with other traditional asset classes and is therefore less affected in case of adverse market swings. As an alternative investment, the fund is uncorrelated to traditional assets, such as currency, stocks, and bonds.

Balanced Investment Strategy

Inherent Allocation Drift and Generation of New Coins

The fund invests in digital currency and mining contracts. Coins generated though mining contracts have a clean, “white” history and build up the funds crypto-reserves, which are kept safe in cold-storages.

Professional Structuring Team

Research & Market Analyses provide for Stable Returns in Volatile Assets

Our finance experts have professional experience in risk management including the forecasting and evaluation of market indicators. Together with our technology advisory board from Genesis Mining they form a strong task force, which reaches effective investment decisions for safe, long-term participation.

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