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Basic Information: Logos 1

Investment ObjectiveThe Logos Fund aims at sustainable growth of Investor’s share and the long term participation in the development and growth of the included values, i.e. DC mining technology and data centres, as well as DC trading.
Limitation on DistributionProfessional and semi-professional investors (according to German Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch)

German Special-AIF
Inception DateJune 2016
Designated Currency3 Share classes in EUR and USD
Share ClassesDE000A2DP685 (Class 1/Dis EUR)
DE000A2DP693 (Class 1/Acc EUR)
DE000A2DP7A6 (Class 1/Dis USD)
DE000A2DP7B4 (Class 1/Acc USD)
DE000A2DP7C2 (Class 2/Dis EUR)
DE000A2DP7D0 (Class 2/Acc EUR)
DE000A2DP7E8 (Class 2/Dis USD)
DE000A2DP7F5 (Class 2/Acc USD)
DE000A2DP7G3 (Class 3/Dis EUR)
DE000A2DP7H1 (Class 3/Acc USD)
DE000A2DP7J7 (Class 3/Dis USD)
DE000A2DP7K5 (Class 3/Acc USD)

Management Fee1.44% (Share Class 1), 2% (Share Class 2), 4% (Share Class 3)

Note: Logos 1 is available for professional and semi-professional investors. The minimum investment is 200,000€.

You can download the full product information sheet in our Customers’ Portal.